working together as one for the purpose of achieving a common goal.

represent Filipino's vital role in social, political and economic development of the Philippine Nation.

represent the three (3) main islands of the Philippine archipelago, Luzon, Visaysa and Mindanao.
 This means that even OFWs of Al-Othman Holding Co. hail from the different places, they are still united for ONE VISION... ONE GOAL that of creating a brighter future for every OFWs.

represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where KABAYANIHAN KOOP originated.

COLORS inspired from the Philippine Flag which symbolizes;
Bravery (Red), Peace (White), Unity (Blue) and Optimism/Happiness (Yellow).

An Organization comprised of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in Al-Othman Holding Co. 
The word derives from the traditional Filipino term “BAYANIHAN” that refers to UNITY and HEROISM. (Kasama Ako Bilang Abroad pag – Yamanin Ang Naturang Talentong Ibinigay Hangad Ang tumulong sa kapwa ko Nangangailangan).

shorten word  for  KOOPERATIBA, a Filipino language which refers to  an organization duly owned, capitalized  and operated by a group of individuals for their mutual benefit.

And the slogan,


Kaalaman Pagyamanin, Kabayanihan Patibayin.
(Enriching Knowledge, Strengthening Heroism).